About Us

Buddha And Beyond is built on a platform with four support pillars.

The Indian

What could be more Indian than our traditional Handicrafts and Hand-looms which have enriched our lives for more than 5000 years. Buddha And Beyond cherishes the strengths of our Indian products showcasing some of the best Indian Hand-loom and Handicrafts to Domestic and International buyers here and abroad.

From 35 million people involved in the category of artisans and weavers to 1.25 billion buyers living in India and abroad.

The References

The weavers and artisans who produce for us are the master weavers and artisans who have been referred to us by the community of these simple folks living simple lives across the many hamlets of India.

Infact , we will never settle for lesser than the master in his / her trade or craft.

The Products

We at Buddha And Beyond have picked out the most loved products, be it in Home Decor, Ethnic wear or Jewellery out of the millions of products available, based on product, availability and ease of procurement, for you, the customer.

From dokra from Bikhna village, Bankura, to Baluchari from Bishunupur, to Madhubani from Ranti village Madhubani district, Bihar to Naga products from Dimapur and Kohima, Nagaland to Jamdani from Rupsi and Narayangung from Dhaka, Handcrafted stone Blessed Buddhas from Pattharkatti, Gaya , Bihar…

…and the list can go on and on…

The Customers

Our biggest critics and our biggest strength actually drive our inspiration to procure, promote and provide the best of the products from all over rural India. We at Buddha And Beyond created a bridge between these artisans and the global community of Indians.

No wonder we drive further out, in search for more gems.