Handcrafted Handloom Heritage Of India


Handcrafted by the craftsmen of Bengal


Handcrafted by the craftsmen of Maharashtra


Handcrafted by the craftsmen of Bihar

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About The Shop

The pride of Indian Handloom and Handicraft items from across the country and the world is not an unknown factor. In fact Indians and world citizens swear by them as travel souvenirs, gift items, home decor, accessories and dresses. What is unknown though is the condition of these same people involved in these arts and crafts from across the remotest areas of our country. Thirty Five million people of India are categorised artisans and weavers. This is more than the total population of countries like Afghanistan, Peru, Nepal and Uganda.

These people are highly hand skilled with their trade being passed on for from father to son over many many generations, They live in the remotest corners of India, sometimes even difficult to find by local people, just concentrating on adding sheen to the crafts but never deviating from tradition. We at Buddha And Beyond have traveled the length and breadth of the country India, sourcing these wonderful products and creating a bridge between these artisans and You.