About Us

Bodhi leaf

Mission Statement

Buddha & Beyond would like every Indian and visitors to this Indian and Himalayan region to shop for ‘Souvenirs’ through this online portal with a single minded focus of giving back to artisans, weavers and other craftsmen the respect they deserve.

Vision Statement

Buddha & Beyond would like to create a platform for all artisans, weavers and craftsmen of the Indian and Himalayan region to showcase thier products online to a Global Audience.

We are proud to receive the support of Hansiba (A SEWA INITIATIVE) and Sasha towards some of the products listed for sale on our webstore.

We have also initiated a tie-up with Nagalnd Emporium for the first time in India and we are also showcasing some of their best available Handicraft and Handloom products under the aegis of the Goverment bringing together their solidarity with the weavers and craftsmen showcasing Shawls which can be worn as Kimonos or just used as winter throws along with some unique Home Embellishments, Bags and Jewellery,
We would also like to thank Punjab Emporium for the support they have given us in promoting Phulkari art on textiles and Home Embellishments.

We have travelled all over the country to source Summer Best even from Bangladesh and Kerala amongst other states where we are in the process of finalising the logistics and bringing to you the best of the best.

Do take a look at the wonderful items being showcased by artisans seeking a global audience. You!